Going to the right online animation school can help you to get your foot in the door with a good job once you graduate. Selecting the best school means looking closely at your alternatives. You want to find a program that focuses on the regions of animation that interest you. You also want to look for a program that is accredited, has experienced faculty, and can help you to develop a demo reel or portfolio to be able to get post-graduation employment.
Going to Animation School Online Opens Doors
Computer animation is a huge section of the industry today so that it makes perfect sense for students to obtain their degree via computer. Actually, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the anticipated 12 percent career growth in this field between 2008 and 2018 is definitely fueled in large part by the demand from customers for computer animators who is able to produce movie special effects, 3D animation, Web animation, and natural video games. Going to school online explains exactly the skills that are necessary in the industry today.
Things to Look for within an Online Animation School
Many online animation academic institutions offer similar programs. However, there are slight differences that you’ll want to keep a watch out for to be able to select the school that is best for you. Factors to consider include:
Access to cutting-edge technology and software
Faculty’s experience in the computer animation industry
Classes specific to your passions (such as for example gaming of feature-length animation)
Substitute for create demo reels during your program
Career guidance, internships and employment placement assistance
Choose an Accredited Online Animation Program
It is always important to make sure that the online school you decide on is accredited. You don’t desire to lose the credibility of going to an online animation program just because you didn’t check into the accreditation status of this program. Attending an accredited school opens up doors to federal government school funding and other scholarships which will help you pay the right path through school.
Cost and SCHOOL FUNDING for Online Animation School
Most people who choose to head to an online animation school join a four-year program, but two-year degrees are also available. Animation Career Pro reports that with a good budget a four-year animation college costs about $30,000. However, costs for a good school is often as much as $80,000 according to The Animator’s Studio. Need-based aid and scholarships are generally available.