Girl games are understandably different from the sorts of games boys like to play online. When you head online with your daughter, you will find her playing all sorts of games you never even realized existed. Chief among these are roll playing games and dress up games. Other girl games include smaller versions of these and fast-paced thinking games such as cooking games.

Dress Up Games

Easily one of the most popular girl games online, dress up games let your child experiment with fashion and design. The dress up games incorporate doll bases, much like Barbies, and corresponding fashions Your child can dress celebrities, favorite characters, mermaids, witches, Goths and any number of other interesting elements. The dress up games are often shared with others in the community and can be used for avatars on social websites or for contests often hosted directly on the dress up games websites. Pg slot ทางเข้า

Role Playing Games

Popular with boys and girls alike, role playing games allow for tremendous creativity through make-believe. While some role playing games focus on warriors and battles, others that are more popular with girls focus more on relationships and life within a community. The number of role playing games is increasing online, but your child will likely develop a favorite rather quickly. In the role playing games, your child can take on a character. By logging in to that same character, she earns points by playing games and going through various quests. The points or money are then used to advance the character and the role play aspects of the game.

Cooking Games

Another fun version of girl games are cooking games. In cooking games, your child spends time online in a virtual kitchen or attending a virtual grill. The game sets a time limit on how quickly she needs to flip burgers and dogs on the grill or how fast she can get pizzas in and out of the oven. The cooking games require foresight and planning. You have to anticipate what is coming up next while still working on the current order. Meanwhile food is burning on the grill that can’t make it onto an order and things back up if you are not keeping the right balance. Cooking games are fast-paced and exciting. As you progress from one level to the next, the intensity heats up making it even more engaging.